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February 26th, 2014 http://www.giftman.ru

is an on-line wholesale web store integrated with an ERP. On the front end it is a hierarchical goods catalogue and e-shop, which a subset of users (granted editorial privileges) edit and re-structure on-line in a WYSIWYG editor and a set of controls. Written in PHP, MySQL, and MS-SQL, it automatically pumps data from the ERP database (1C) into the CMS database (on the web server). New goods and their measurement units, balance depot stock and prices for each unit are automatically updated at regular intervals. On-line orders are streamlined back into the ERP database. Environment is preserved for each user across sessions to avoid data loss due to network failures or timeouts.

Environment: MS-SQL Server data transformation packages, PHP, MySQL, standard-compliant DHTML/CSS, JavaScript, 1C (originally v. 7.7, currently v. 8).

Graphics by the client’s designer.