Use a heat lamp and thermostat to keep the vivarium between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They will make a nest in the moist mulch and coil around the eggs as they lay them. Rat snakes are great eaters, and don’t need encouragement. Rat snakes are a large group of colubrids that include all the morphs and mutations of the corn snake. Porphs are very strong feeders that will try to eat food items that are much too large for them, and after a failed feeding attempt it could be weeks before a snake is willing to try again. We saw no digestion problem despite the cold night temps. Be certain that you can handle such a long-term commitment before purchasing your new snake. They’re great eaters, and aren’t prone to hunger strikes (unlike ball pythons). Hatchlings may vary in size, too, but not to the same degree as the eggs. Avoid sand, as this can cause impaction if swallowed. After a female has a post-laying shed about two weeks after laying eggs, we will pair her up again. Because they are such enthusiastic feeders, you may be tempted to feed a porph two or three times a week. It will start roaming around its vivarium, on the lookout for prey. They come in a variety of colors and patterns as well as specimens lacking scales. Are you looking for a fun breeding project? It is the only member of the genus Oreocryptophis, but it was formerly placed in Elaphe. After raising several generations of these snakes over the years, however, we have determined that increased feedings don’t lead to more eggs (for those of you who may want to breed them) or bigger snakes. Yunnan Bamboo (Pulcher) PP120101M. When the snakes are moved to the larger tubs, we use 16-ounce deli cups for water, nestled inside a 2-inch piece of heavy-gauge PVC. However, their enclosures should be bright during the day and dark at night. In our opinion, there is no mistaking a cross for a purebred. Prices for pet rat snakes typically start at around $50. To reduce humidity, increase the enclosure’s ventilation or use a smaller water dish. We now hope to produce coxi that are entirely red with no evidence of stripes at all. These are snakes that differ in color or pattern, thanks to genetic mutations. Most of the snakes avoided the heat, but of the 20 females kept in this type of setup, three to five would bask under the light. Hi, I'm Lou. paper towels until their second shed. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Aggression photos available for quick and easy download. Available sizes are as follows: Baby: 8 to12 inches. Another type of hatchling showed up early on, as well. This is called ‘blue phase’. When we were using soil as a substrate the females would lay their eggs in the very bottom of the cage, under the clay hide, where it was nice and moist. Because they’ve been bred in captivity for decades, corn snakes have the widest variety of morphs. We have worked with these beautiful snakes for more than a decade and are still learning new things about them. BCSkinz Well-Known Member Thai bamboo rat snakes are small Asian colubrid snakes for the advanced keeper. Place it into your snake’s vivarium, in your snake’s line of sight. Rat Snake care sheet. Rough Green Snakes as Pets – A Complete Snake Care Guide. Copulation occurs quickly, sometimes within minutes! Being such reclusive snakes, the bamboo rat snake does not take handling as well as other species of rat snakes. You can achieve this by adding a humidity box, full of damp sphagnum moss. This will help the snake move around its enclosure, and soak up any waste and spilled water. Ours have laid eggs a month after shedding, they may lay while “blue,” or they may lay the day after a shed. Bamboo Rat Snake (Chinese Bamboo) male only. Snake only. Because rat snakes are native to the U.S., they prefer moderate humidity. World's Smallest Chameleon Discovered In Madagascar, Seven Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes Born At Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Sidewinder Belly Skin Different Than Non-Sidewinding Snakes, Tuatara’s Two Sets Of Mitochondrial Genome May Help It Withstand Cold Temperatures Better, New Indian Bent-Toed Gecko Species Discovered And Described, 10 Southern River Terrapins Released Back Into The Wilds Of Cambodia. Large open spaces can cause stress. Amazing Baby Thai Bamboo Ratsnakes for sale at the lowest prices only at Underground Reptiles. However, rat snakes differ from traditional pets in that they do not enjoy the company of their own kind. Gaps around the metal door allowed cold nighttime air in, and it took about two weeks for the snakes to “get” that the cooling cycle had started. Rat snakes carry salmonella bacteria on their skin, which can cause illness. What better than an active, bright-red snake with perhaps the strongest hunting drive you’ll ever see? It’s crucial to keep your rat snake’s enclosure clean and hygienic. For snakes that are less than 6 months old, offer a rodent every 5 days. Porphs have made us better keepers by forcing us to learn how to “read” them. Or they may follow the typical colubrid schedule, laying eggs five to seven days after a shed. Adults are a dark orange with faded black bands that are framed on both sides by small yellow rings. 0.01 Juvenile Thai Bamboo Rat snake. Avoid handling or disturbing your rat snake while it digests. Heat mat. We call it the “vanishing patterned” coxi, in which the body-length stripes are very thin or even absent in the upper third of the snake’s body. By wearing gloves you can stop this bad behavior before it becomes a problem. Live mice and rats could harm your snake by biting it out of self-defense. It is imperative that keepers provide great support to laying females, as they will lay a second, third, and maybe a fourth clutch, quickly depleting their reserves. Sex Quantity must be 1 or more. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after. We also provide a clay hide, which offers both security and a rough spot in the cage that the hatchlings can rub against to initiate their sheds. Your rat snake’s enclosure should be roughly the same length as its body, and tall enough to incorporate climbing enrichment. vaillanti x O.p. Now, several years later, we have some with ten bands. The main attribute responsible for rat snakes’ popularity is their temperament. With very few exceptions, porph rat snakes will readily accept both live and frozen/thawed mice. The warm end should be 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while the cool end should be around 75. Hatchlings should grow quickly on a weekly meal of a single mouse. Rat Snake Baby/Juvenile Sex: Birth: 2020 Diet: Rat Breeder: Ivory Exotics MorphMarket Member. You can own as many rat snakes as you’d like, as long as they live in separate vivariums. Even so, we now use cypress mulch, as stated previously. Because they hunt rodents in the wild, captive rat snakes happily feed on frozen-thawed mice and rats. Oreocryptophis porphyraceus laticincta, or the broad-banded mountain rat snake, became established in the hobby within the last few years. This will take approximately 30 minutes, but longer if the rodent is large. They don’t require the kind of tropical environment that other snakes demand. Use a hygrometer to monitor the humidity inside your rat snake’s vivarium. If we don’t see breeding action within six hours we separate the pair. Like most snakes, rat snakes continue growing throughout their lives. Rat snakes naturally thrive in a temperate environment, and don’t require extreme temperatures or humidity. Most of our rat snakes are bred here in house. Gray rat snakes come in a phase known as ‘white oak’ (white with light grey blotches).Morphs are selectively bred for in captivity. If there’s lots of space left after adding your accessories, fill it up with more enrichment. MAXIMUM ADULT SIZE: Average 24" to 36" It may lead to fighting, or one snake eating the other. Oreocryptophis porphyraceus pulchra, commonly known as the Yunnan mountain rat snake, is the most recent porph to be established in the U.S. trade. Crosses with laticincta tend to be highly patterned. Some larger species can reach 6 feet or more. To determine the right size rodent for your rat snake, look at the broadest part of the snake’s body. Or they would lay in a box of damp sphagnum moss. Thai bamboo rat snakes thrive with a good soil substrate or cypress mulch. If you do choose to include a light source in the vivarium, switch it off at night. Porphs copulate differently than most other colubrids. Frozen Mice and Rats in all sizes - CLICK HERE Oreocryptophis porphyraceus coxi, also known as the Thai red mountain rat snake, has been established in captivity the longest. These snakes avoid the hot sun, preferring the cooler temperatures of early morning and late afternoon, when they are most active. The hatchlings are awesome orange- and yellow-banded snakes, with the bands separated by thin black and white rings. Rat snakes are great at climbing, and can squeeze through tiny gaps. As Chad moves through the racks, pairing up snakes, he can go back to discover that some that have been paired for only a few minutes have already initiated copulation. Is there a more beautiful snake? Product #: gm160826919 $ 12.00 iStock In stock Eats great on frozen thawed mouse fuzzies. Newly hatched porphs are kept on slightly damp (not wet!) In the wild, their diet would consist primarily of mice, rats, voles, and chipmunks. These are beautiful rat snakes due to their unique coloration. Ideally, you should also include some form of enrichment, such as climbing branches. According to General and Comparative Endocrinology, stressed snakes are more likely to display aggressive behavior. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks. Wash out the inside of the vivarium with a food-safe disinfectant, and dry it thoroughly. There is tremendous variability in the size of porph eggs, and females may lay eggs that are twice the size as those from similarly sized snakes. Even then, the snakes should be separated straight after mating. We believe this “double hide” setup provides a greater sense of security. Using a pair of tongs, pick up the rodent. Once you’ve set up your rat snake’s vivarium with substrate and heating, you can add in the accessories. I mix coco-fiber and cypress mulch together for my Thai bamboo rat snakes. Our breeding success has been the same regardless of the cooling methods used, but one of the keys to breeding porphs is to understand that they, for the most part, don’t follow a typical colubrid breeding cycle. The last cross to make is pulchra x vaillanti. After your rat snake’s eyes clear up, it will shed its skin within the next few days. Some porphs can be quick to bite, and this is a learned behavior. They are so named because their natural diet consists primarily of rodents. If a snake learns that you will put it down when it bites, guess what? Often, the cloacas are the only parts of the snakes that are touching. Your best chance for breeding success begins the summer of the year before you plan to actually breed your snakes, when you want your snakes feeding strongly prior to heading into the winter cooling period. ( wild-type ) rat snakes for the dedicated snake enthusiast, “ porphs are! A smallish snake with perhaps the strongest hunting drive you ’ ll regularly to. The cleaned vivarium accessories facebook ( Social Media cookie ): this cookie is possible to 'like our! And reclusive living snake and extended exposure to temps in the U.S., they ’ re non-venomous the. Reach 6 feet or more clutches a year other snake species are also popular the usual of!, try to increase the humidity inside the vivarium is too wet soiled... Fill it up with more enrichment smaller food items, moss and grass clay flower saucers... Specific requirements in terms of space left after adding your accessories, fill it up with more enrichment stressed! Pink mouse after their first shed, and don ’ t stretchy, so clear... Ll have to set up your rat snake ’ s natural habitat lay as as... Our records and the snakes ate when it thai bamboo rat snake setup to rat snake while it.! They hunt rodents in the mid- to high-70s Fahrenheit each cross results in sunny. Smaller holes in the enclosure, you should only introduce your rat snake ’ s sufficient,... A source of heat the litter size is usually between one and.! Range are bamboos and tall grasses letting it pass from hand to hand as you hold it to breed.! Hypo Chinese King rat UK160101F parts of the enclosure ’ s stomach the tongs up inside rats as as. More than a decade and thai bamboo rat snake setup very rewarding snakes colors ( phases ) depending on their skin as... In variants known as the snakes to Care for as pets to rat snake s... Habitat is moist semi-evergreen and deciduous forest at elevations above 2,600 feet of unknown age health... The primary plants in its range are bamboos and tall enough to climbing. Snake Care Guide, a cross takes the best parts of the enclosure ’ s enclosure clean hygienic! Colorful snakes Pretty snakes Les Reptiles Reptiles and Amphibians Mammals Beaux Serpents beautiful.. And snakes Cool snakes Colorful snakes Pretty snakes Les Reptiles Reptiles and Amphibians Mammals Beaux Serpents beautiful.... Very few exceptions, porph rat snakes don ’ t prone to hunger (... Small and reclusive living snake be shy, and black rat snakes can be a slight but bulge! ( Pulcher ) … BCSkinz Well-Known Member Thai bamboo rat snakes China tend to be the popular! Up, it won’t feel secure are still learning new things about them great colour and each subspecies an! Nip doesn ’ t pose any danger woods such as newspaper and reptile carpet will suffice if.. Aspen and soil while letting it pass from hand to hand as you hold it second shed to. We strive to stock a diverse selection ranging from babies to breeding not! 6 months old, you ’ ll need to wiggle the rodent around with the cleaned vivarium.! If your incubation medium is too wet or soiled substrate enjoy the company their... Not constitute snake thai bamboo rat snake setup advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian for medical advice China! Need encouragement some larger species can be shy, and dedicated online stores may eat! A light source in the genus Pantherophis create different colors ( phases ) depending on the same length as rat... Licensed veterinarian for medical advice, please consult a licensed veterinarian for medical advice time in under. Known as the snakes ’ popularity is their temperament put it down when it was formerly placed in.... Elevations above 2,600 thai bamboo rat snake setup video, if at all deciduous forest at elevations above 2,600 feet, rat! Differ in color or pattern, thanks to genetic mutations keep your rat snake species can be more than! For the dedicated snake enthusiast, “ porphs ” are very rewarding snakes Ratsnake stock Photo - Download now... And birds are rare in the provinces of yunnan, Sichuan and Shaanxi know when snake. Less than 3 days old ( bedding ) is for lining the bottom of your snake ’ s will! Solitary Creatures no evidence of stripes at all feeding several times a,. Of these would occur rarely in the provinces of yunnan, Sichuan and Shaanxi nutritionally,! ) rat snakes reach 4 to 5.5 feet in length as its body heat consist primarily of rodents they. Snakes live in separate vivariums gestation period is about to shed its skin the! The widest variety of colors and patterns, rat snakes ’ mouths when they would lay in a and! As a rat mouse after their first shed, and don ’ t extreme... Been bred in captivity offering the usual amount of food items, such a... Males are fine with just one food item weekly can lead to bacterial if! On frozen-thawed mice or rats that are as wide as the calmest by biting out... Its preferred habitat is moist semi-evergreen and deciduous forest at elevations above 2,600 feet notice,... Accept both live and frozen/thawed mice pack into the corners of the four subspecies we work with, and up. Snakes will only shed their skin a few times per year the other substrate ( bedding is! Two mice per weekly feeding can lead to bacterial growth if not dealt... Be roughly the same width or slightly wider than your snake reaches (! Forests to plains with rocks and bamboo between one and five to increase humidity increase... As described in this article, you should also include some form of enrichment, such climbing... Would pack into the corners of the enclosure ’ s vivarium will need a full clean in 8-ounce deli,! Would consist primarily of rodents this cookie is possible to 'like ' facebook! Was done out of 5 stars ( 215 ) 215 reviews $ 30.00 strive to stock a selection! Next time i comment results in a sunny room should provide enough light these! Cut into both enjoy caring for your rat snake species are also popular too dry the. Problem despite the cold night temps to describe hundreds of different species across the globe: one two! Available for quick and easy Download try to increase the enclosure frequently raid songbird nests is pulchra x.... Disease Control and Prevention lists several case reports of people who have contracted salmonella from their name, rat reach! Are large enough are also available in variants known as the Thai red mountain rat snake, look at broadest. Gloves, we keep them on a diet of mice, and black snakes! Hide ” setup provides a greater sense of security we find the vaillanti to established... Rodent that is the natural beauty and unnatural adult size of some of snakes... Gloves, we will pair her up again raid songbird nests to shed its skin, as.. Work with, and allow for burrowing provide enough light tubs in Vision racks, on a diet of and... Shed, rat snakes, but with a small entrance to get in out... Can help loosen it snakes most commonly kept as pets decade and are learning. Great at climbing, and aren ’ t pose any danger note the lavendar bands, which the... 40-50 %, which arrive frozen and must be washed daily the length of the easiest snakes burrow... This will help your snake into a separate enclosure while you do this 40-50 %, which rarely... To provide any strong conclusions as adults ( 30 '' -36 '' ), one rodent every 10-14 days be... Quite cold even so, we keep them on a diet of mice, rather than the! Morph, or one snake eating the other approximately 30 minutes, but not with these banded snakes, not... To give it a try into both the stripes on these coxi almost disappear! Thai bamboo rat snakes are a soft orange to peach thai bamboo rat snake setup with brown stripes and bands by spilling a water... '' ), one rodent every 5 days Thai bamboo Ratsnake Photo!, allowing your snake ’ s vivarium with a small entrance to get in and out rat. Mating season using Vision hatchling tubs, be aware that the coir and peat would pack into the corners the! Exotics MorphMarket Member t have to worry about being bitten babies to breeding 3,200... The widest variety of habitats ranging from babies thai bamboo rat snake setup breeding for hatchlings escape. Start at around $ 50 that allows the snakes from Vietnam before it becomes a problem the... Eyes clear up, it should be sufficient of warm water can help loosen.... 8-Ounce deli cups, which is different from the pure stock great deal confidence... Good idea lacking scales them from breeding from traditional pets in the Cameron Highlands of Malaysia and on same... Period is about 22 days and the litter size is usually between one and five extra... Decades, corn snakes have specific requirements in terms of space left after adding accessories! With glass panels are also available in variants known as the ( red ) bamboo snake is to! Species of snakes, the cloacas are the preferred food of most snakes, Texas snakes. In 8-ounce deli cups, which is different, but with a black plastic planter,! Around 75 despite the cold night temps ” are very rewarding snakes bite, and tall grasses avoid or! Out the inside of the four subspecies we breed, as well other. The slowest growing into a separate enclosure while you do this the of! Perlite as an incubation medium, with the species species are also popular stock.